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Immediate Music - Trailerhead: Nu Epiq (2014)

Immediate Music - Trailerhead: Nu Epiq (2014)
MP3 CBR 320 kbps | Tracks: 19 | 68:58 min | 158 Mb
Style: Instrumental, Soundtrack, Trailer Music | Label: Imperativa Records

Ranging from anthemic orchestral soundtracks to symphonic rock, contemporary classical, and power pop, the Epic Music genre is unified by the incorporation of real orchestra and choir recorded in some of the best sounding halls and studios in the world. The music, while spanning a variety of styles, shares similar emotional values which encapsulates the contemporary music category known as Epic Music .

With the release of the original Trailerhead album in 2008, Imperativa Records and IMMEDIATE launched the Epic Music genre as a bona fide contemporary music category, with CD sales and digital downloads far exceeding those of most film soundtracks. The subsequent volumes in the Trailerhead series, SAGA (2010) and TRIUMPH (2012), further consolidated the growing appeal and widespread popularity of the Epic Music genre in popular culture by featuring compositions from trailers for the biggest films in Hollywood and even spawning the first-of-its-kind Trailer Music Live concerts both in the United States and Europe.

Forging the next evolution in the Epic Music genre, with Trailerhead: NU EPIQ, IMMEDIATE builds on the mould of previous albums, infusing a new modern sound and evolved compositional approach while continuing the tradition of featuring modern orchestral and choral compositions blended with contemporary electronics, rock and synthesis. NU EPIQ is IMMEDIATE s biggest and boldest creative statement yet, featuring 19 original tracks of incredibly anthemic, emotional cinematic music that transcend the medium, existing independently as a legitimate form of artistic expression with a rapidly growing and fervent fanbase, as well as featuring in the latest trailers for Hollywood blockbuster movies.

NU EPIQ is produced by Yoav Goren and was recorded in the finest concert halls and studios worldwide, including the famed Abbey Road in London, and features performances by members of the London Symphony Orchestra and the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.


01. Protectors Of Truth (5:18)
02. From The Ashes We Will Rise (3:16)
03. This War Must End (3:38)
04. Purple Heart (3:02)
05. Wolf Moon Uprising (4:22)
06. A Life Extraordinary (4:18)
07. Saga Of The Immortals (3:33)
08. Majestic (3:49)
09. The Unlikeliest Of Heroes (2:33)
10. Translucent (3:34)
11. Prologue To A Conquest (3:53)
12. Night Of The Avenging Angels (3:24)
13. Deliverance For All (3:56)
14. One Destiny To Follow (3:18)
15. Dark Times Are Upon Us (3:19)
16. The Fate Of Our Brave (3:23)
17. Falling Into Inertia (3:36)
18. This World Of Wonders (3:56)
19. Virtue At All Costs (2:59)