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CreativeMarket - Everything Must Go - Font Bundle

CreativeMarket - Everything Must Go - Font Bundle
7 Fonts Families | OTF, TTF | 6 MB

i'm gonna give you a special price for this one, a bundle that includes all my first 7 fonts on creative market;

Panghegar Script http://creativemarket.com/ihsankl/369240-Panghegar
Manglayang Script http://creativemarket.com/ihsankl/363181-Manglayang
Kosambi Script http://creativemarket.com/ihsankl/356293-Kosambi-Script
Ngabret http://creativemarket.com/ihsankl/353147-Ngabret-%2830-off-limited-time%29
Braga http://creativemarket.com/ihsankl/389674-Braga
Rancang http://creativemarket.com/ihsankl/350691-Rancang-Typeface
Brainless http://creativemarket.com/ihsankl/397095-Brainless